Dr Mallett, Founder and CEO, is a registered expert with the New South Wales Police Force Expert Referral Team, which comprises a database of experts that are willing and suitably qualified to assist all Police Forces in Australia and New Zealand, as well as Border Force/Customs and the Director of Public Prosecutions. She offers advice and undertakes forensic analyses for forensic investigations for police forces across Australia, within the area of forensic human identification.

Dr Xanthé Mallett also works as an expert advisor and contributor to television series and documentaries (please refer to the News page for more information on past contributions. If you have an inquiry relating to Dr Mallett’s expert contributions to a television or other media project, please email media@fhid.com.au or telephone +61 (0)407 449781.

The work undertaken by FHID is regularly featured in the media, whether the story focuses on our staff or forensic casework, or advances in methods of forensic human identification. In addition, Dr Xanthé Mallett also produces and presents television series featuring forensic science. Browse through some of the most recent coverage by clicking on the links on the right-hand side of the page.

Contact the press office to be put in touch with FHID’s experts: email or telephone +61 (0)407 449781.

For inquires relating to Dr Mallett’s contribution to television series and documentaries, please contact her agent, Lauren Miller Cilento, on +61 (0)2 8353 2444 or email her.