Experts in forensic human identification, FHID Pty Ltd is an industry leader
in bringing forensic identification solutions to forensic investigations.


FHID is a specialist forensic human identification business created to provide investigators with forensically relevant information, to help them identify offenders and other persons of interest more quickly.

FHID is the Australian affiliate of Parabon NanoLabs, which developed and operates the Parabon Snapshot™  DNA Phenotyping service. Snapshot is a revolutionary new DNA analysis technique that has the ability to produce the descriptive profile of the source of any human DNA sample, accurately predicting the physical appearance and ancestry of the donor.

The highly experienced team at FHID works with investigators to help you avoid the cost of chasing false leads, as well as focusing your forensic search by narrowing suspect lists.



FHID’s primary focus is the provision of Parabon Snapshot DNA Phenotyping service, a technique that puts a face to a DNA profile.

Snapshot can also determine kinship between DNA samples out to six degrees of relatedness.

Other services offered by FHID include the forensic analysis of images to assist the police with the identification of offenders and other persons of interest, as well as other apects of human identification, classed under the sub-discipline of forensic anthropology.

For a full list of services, please refer to ‘Forensic Services



Our primary forensic provision is the Parabon Snapshot DNA Phenotyping service.

This begins with extracted case-relevant genotypic information (or forensic evidence if DNA extraction is required) being provided to FHID.

We will then liaise with our partners Parabon NanoLabs to produce a detailed Parabon Snapshot report and composite profile (similar to an eye witness photo fit) that includes eye colour, skin colour, hair colour, facial morphology, and detailed biogeographic ancestry.

Armed with this scientifically objective description, you can maximise your investigative resources.


Dr Xanthé Mallett, Founder and CEO of FHID, also works as an expert advisor and contributor to television series and documentaries.
Please go to the Expert Contributions for more information on how to engage Xanthé’s services for future projects, as well as details of her past contributions.

“It’s pretty astounding that 21st Century technology
has led us to this type of composite.”
Police Chief Thomas Pyle II, Athens OH Police Department
“The advance in technology since these murders took place is phenomenal.
We’ve received over 100 new tips since releasing the Snapshot composites to the public.”
Public Information Officer Loretta Cool, Tacoma WA Police Department
“Snapshot is an excellent tool for detectives. What’s amazing is
that instead of letters and numbers, it can turn DNA into a face.”
Major Pedro Abut, Hallandale Beach FL Police Department
“I was skeptical at first, but after seeing my own prediction,
I would definitely recommend Snapshot for any investigation
that involves unmatched DNA.”
Det. Rodie Sanchez, berville Parish LA Sheriff's Office; Lead Investigator, Killing Fields
“I see a lot of potential for this technology in Australia, providing law enforcement agencies with
yet another tool to cultivate quality forensic intelligence.”
Inspector Scott McLaren, Queensland Police Service, Australia
“Parabon has provided a fantastic result with the Snapshot report;
it corroborates and coalesces our victim accounts of the perpetrator.”
Inspector Scott McLaren, Queensland Police Service, Australia

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